I’m sick of the narrative and importance stressed about “being pretty” when marketing to women. I think campaigns get so caught up in showing how “you can become more attractive” that they lose sight of what being a woman is really about.

With our “Live Life Your OUAI” campaign I wanted to show the spirit, independence, and STRENGTH of women. The modern day woman is MULTI-TASKING AF. She wears many hats, takes on many jobs, and does it with grace and fierceness. All of the women in my life are meeting the challenges of life everyday—and it’s not easy. Modern women are driven, stylish, and are breaking down barriers in all kinds of industries.

So I called my girlfriends, who are all in different places in their lives, to be apart of our message. Some figuring out who they are, and what society tells them they should be. Some juggling their careers, school, children, and relationships. They are sisters, mothers, girlfriends, wives, best friends, daughters, and business women. The one thing they all have in common is they have HEART, PASSION, and HUSTLE in them.

“Life is HARD, Looking good should be EASY” is the motto. Empowering women is the goal. We want to celebrate the spirit and COURAGE of WOMEN. We want to show that confidence and beauty can be realistic and effortless. We want to change the old school narrative.

The milestones we as women encounter are different than what they once were and they only make us better and stronger. Now more than ever it’s important to help support one another to achieve our goals. We are living in a moment where anything is possible. So do you. And live life YOUR OUAI.

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